Friday, 5 October 2012

Pakistan call rate changes

As you are probably aware, the rates to Pakistan have increased dramatically this month due to a Pakistani Government decision to impose a tax on all calls from overseas.

When this has happened before we were able to quickly reduce our rates as the market settled, however this time the new law forces all calls through a single incumbent carrier, Pakistan’s PTCL. This has removed any competition from the market to drive down rates. 

Many of the world’s largest carriers are also blocking routes into Pakistan in protest at the tax, resulting in severe congestion for all calls. Please be aware that it may take several attempts to get through to the person you are calling. 

From Monday 1st October 2012 19:30 the rate to Pakistan Landline and Pakistan Mobiles will be 6.7p per minute. This increase is unavoidable, but please rest assured, should supply costs get lowered again, we will reduce the rate immediately.

We promise our rates will be competitive and once again, we apologize for this bad news. We hope you’ll be able to anticipate on these rate changes before they will take place.

Very best wishes

Dial123 Team