Monday, 3 December 2012

New Instant Dial Rates

New reduced rates

We have some great news with lower rates to our Instant Dial service! From Friday 23th November 2012 we have reduced the calling rate to over 100 destinations.

We’re always working to lower our rates, but we don’t sacrifice call quality to do it! You can check our latest rates on our website at, but here are a few of our popular destinations:

Instant Dial reduced Rates to the following destinations: 

Pakistan inc. Mobile now just 5p per minute! 

India inc. Mobile now just 0.5p per minute! 

Bangladesh inc. Mobile now just 2p per minute! 

UAE inc. Mobile now just 7p per minute! 

Ghana inc. Mobile now just 10p per minute! 

Kenya inc. Mobile – now just 5 pence per minute!

Ireland Mobile – now just 8 pence per minute!

South Africa – now just 1.5 pence per minute!

Nepal – now just 5 pence per minute!

Poland mobile – now just 4 pence per minute!

Australia mobile – now just 6 pence per minute!

--and many more 

No contracts - No commitments – No account is required - No prepayment necessary