Monday, 27 May 2013

New Super Cheap Rates

Thank you to all of our customers for  spreading the word about our cheap rates, in return we are announcing super cheap rates to over 24 international destinations.

Australia 0.5p/min
New Zealand 0.5p/min
China 0.5p/min
Portugal 0.5p/min
Poland 0.5p/min
Austria 0.5p/min
Croatia 0.5p/min
Ireland 0.5p/min
USA 0.5p/min
Canada 0.5p/min
Brazil 0.5p/min
Netherlands  0.5p/min
Belgium 0.5p/min 
France 0.5p/min
Italy 0.5p/min
Greece 0.5p/min
Sweden 0.5p/min
Switzerland 0.5p/min
Denmark 0.5p/min
Singapore 0.5p/min
Hong Kong 0.5p/min
Iran 2.5p/min


Dial123 Team