Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dial 123 Offers Customers the Opportunity to Try Our Services FREE!

I’m sure you have seen other international calling providers claiming that they have amazingly cheap services or products without any compromise on quality or clarity. But how do you know that they are telling you the truth?  Do they afford you the opportunity to try out their products before you invest in them?  The answer to that question is probably “NO”, they want you pay up front for your services before you know whether or not what they are providing is adequate or even worth the money.  Some companies will even go as far as hiding the actual cost from their customers, charging them connection fees and other erroneous charges so they can fatten their bottom lines all whilst offering inferior calling services.   
Here at Dial 123 we are, as advertised, offering cheap international calls here in the UK to popular destinations like Ghana, Australia, and the UAE.  We even offer our customers the ability to try our most popular calling services, Credit-Dial for FREE. Signup is quick and easy and you can use any UK mobile or Landline telephone to place your call. Making cheap calls to Ghana and other common international destinations has just gotten a whole lot easier with Dial 123. All of our calls are connected with crystal clear calling quality and you will never be charged with any hidden fees from Dial 123.  Try our services today and see how they stack up to the competition. We are positive after trying our services you will never go back to the other guys!