Monday, 20 January 2014

Tips to Save Money on All Your International Calls

Making international calls to popular countries like India and South Africa from the UK can become extremely expensive if you are using your current mobile or landline telephone company’s rates. These rates can add up quickly leaving you with an outrageous telephone bill at the end of the month. Here at Dial 123 we offer our customers an affordable, simple to use plan that will allow you to make cheap international phone calls to some of the most frequently called international destinations at a fraction of the cost you would end up paying through your current mobile or landline telephone company. Our unbeatable rates and amazing customer service are just some of the reasons why so many people started using our services in 2013. 
Moving forward into 2014, we plan to continue to offer our same great low rates as well as our amazing monthly call plans to popular destinations including India, Canada, the United States, China, Poland, Lithuania, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Staying in touch with loved ones living in one of those countries has never been so easy and affordable. With rates starting out as low as £4.99 per month you will enjoy crystal clear voice quality, amazing reliability, no fear of hidden fees, and no need to make any long-term commitments. Try out our services today and find out why so many people decided to sign up with Dial 123 in 2013. Let’s start out 2014 by saving you money on all your international telephone calls!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Celebrate the Start of 2014 by Saving Money on Your International Calls

Start the New Year right by signing up today with Dial 123 where you can save money calling top destinations around the world like Australia, Canada, Poland, China, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, India and many other countries. With rates starting out as low as 0.5p/min, you can make as many cheap international calls as you would like without having to worry about outrageous mobile rates or suffer with low quality from your local landline telephone company. With Dial 123 you will enjoy the highest voice quality on international telephone calls with absolutely no interruptions of service or hidden fees to fret about!

If you have never tried our services before we strongly urge you to do so now as we are currently offering customers the opportunity to try our services for FREE, with no obligation. Simply sign up today and register either your mobile telephone number or your landline telephone number and begin using our services to experience the difference we offer. You can slash your mobile and landline telephone bills by as much as 90% or more. A few benefits of using Dial 123 include no commitments, no contracts, no special equipment to by, no hidden charges and, best of all, we will save you money when making all your international calls!