Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Make Cheap International Business Calls to Popular Destinations

Here at Dial 123 we understand that you want to save money when making international telephone calls. If you’re a business owner it can become very expensive when making international calls pertaining to your business matters. For this reason, Dial 123 has adopted several methods to ensure that our customers are able to make cheap international business calls from here in the UK to destinations like India, South Africa, and Pakistan. Now making international business calls will not cost you a fortune and with Dial 123 you will know that your connection will always be crystal clear and reliable no matter when you’re making your business calls.

All these places are extremely popular with business owners here in the UK which is why Dial 123 has once again broken away from the competition by ensuring that their rates are the lowest when calling these destinations. With rates to India starting out as low as 0.5p/min you can now make all your international business calls using Dial 123. We offer you the ability to use either a landline telephone or a mobile telephone from here in the UK, and we even offer monthly plans to destinations like the United States and Canada. If you’ve never used our services before you can sign up today and try out our most popular credit-dial services which will allow you the freedom to try us out for FREE.